Neuroscience and the True Purpose of Yoga

Herkese Selam

Bu hafta ki makale okumalarını yapmak için otururken aklımdan çıkmayan konu, hareketin (movement) beyin ile kurduğu (ya da biz sözel olarak komut versek de kuramadığı…) ilişki idi. Ne var ne yok diye ordan oraya bakınırken en büyük araştırma konularının başında yoga’nın strese, sağlığa vs. nasıl da iyi geldiği olduğunu gördüm. Benim aradığım ise daha çok hareketin beyin ile nasıl bir ilişki kurduğu üzerineydi. Karşıma çıkanlar arasında en ilginç ve paylaşmaya değer bulduğum makale aşağıda ki linkte yer alan makale oldu.

Tabii, beraberinde makalenin çıkış noktası olan Ancestral Movement  ‘ da.

Becoming familiar with patterns we share with other creatures also helps us discover and appreciate the many great abilities we have that are truly unique to human beings. Gesture, mimicry, dance, and theatre; ritual, music, song and language; storytelling, myth-making, play and endless creativity; a lifelong ability to learn, a brain that can change itself and a mind whose potential is still largely unknown, and which most of us barely begin to realise.


With a basic understanding of comparative anatomy and the neuroscience of body awareness and empathy between species, we can begin to link the modern body-based spiritual traditions like Yoga and Daoism with older traditions of ancestor worship and animal mimicry practiced by indigenous cultures throughout history all over the world. We can recognise that the sense of the body is the fundamental seat of the self through which we feel the rest of the world, and that this sense is “plastic”, and able to be developed throughout our lifetimes. We can then consciously develop this sense in ways that improve and enrich our lives and our appreciation of who and what we are, where we come from, and where we might go from here.

In the womb each and every one of us had gills, a tail, webbed fingers and toes. We are the descendants of microscopic worms! Of ancient fish, that learned to walk and breathe air. Beyond health or rehabilitation or anything else, the main purpose of ancestral movement is just to help us remember.


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